Facebook (First)

  • Facebook (First)

  • Rick Donaldson

    January 20, 2021 at 9:46 am

    Morning everyone. I came here in search of a free space to talk, to give my opinion, point of view, and be an American.

    Over the course of the past few months, Facebook has DELETED my accounts. First my original account was destroyed because I was an administrator in a group called “III% United Patriots – USA”, a group of about 8000 people nation wide who are just like everyone else. Patriotic.

    They deleted my account and anyone who was an admin, and demolished the group.

    A week ago, they did the same thing, again, to my new account (I’d just finished refriending 500 or my friends, the old account had 800, all friends I’ve known through life). They destroyed my American Patriot Realty Check group which contained about 300 people, from the military and my White House days.

    The Left, and Big tech is hell bent on keeping us down.

    Trump walked away and the Fraud win.

    It is up to Americans to stand up to the Communists who just moved in.

    Please feel free to comment.

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