My Blog(s) (Second)

  • My Blog(s) (Second)

  • Rick Donaldson

    January 20, 2021 at 9:56 am

    I have two public blogs. is my original blog for American Patriot Reality Check. I’ve done pod casts in the past, and written articles (though most of them seem to be missing from the Internet now, and we all thought “The Internet is Forever”.)

    My other blog is our Sailing and Cruising Blog. https://WindsOfTime.US

    I have not updated the sailing blog in some time (August) since the hurricane damaged our marina and boat. My boat is repaired, but I’m afraid the marina is going to be a bit longer.

    JoAnne (my dear lady) is going through Chemo for the third time in her life since 2014. It’s been rough on her. So, I have decided to buy her a home to live in, so that she isn’t dealing with the boat, ladders, climbing in and out and so on. While she loves the boat (and read my sailing blog and you’ll understand it was HER and NOT ME that came to the conclusion we should retired to a ship) I am worried about her health and ability to handle the boat if there were an emergency.

    We will keep the ship, and sail on day sails now, but I think our cruising days are done for long periods of time.

    We are going to settle down here in North Carolina, and we found a house on an island. So, perhaps that is one good outcome of this whole thing.

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