This Election – and the Next

  • This Election – and the Next

  • Rick Donaldson

    January 20, 2021 at 10:04 am

    I won’t rehash what we all know. This election was stolen by Communists, by China, and by the Marxists embedded in the American population. They are “in control” as of noon today.

    I’m still not going to sit down and shut up, and no matter how hard they try to muzzle me, I will continue to point out the wrongs of these political animals. Antifa is the “military arm” of the commies.

    We are NOT Fascists, the Fascists are the so-called “Antifa”. IN reality, they are Fascists. And we, are “AntiCom”. Anti-Communists.

    If you are in this group and don’t like those comments, then you are welcome to leave. But, if you stay, then you have one choice…. give up the bullshit and help get America back on track.

    America is the GREATEST country to ever come into being and exist. We are not some fly by night Banana Republic, though we are rapidly on that path, and you watch it happen before your eyes. Don’t sit on your asses and do nothing. We need to remove every, single politician from office, starting with the Dog Catcher in your home town, the Mayor, the city Council and working your way up to the State level.

    We need to ORGANIZE LOCALLY and begin the removal process. Recalls, voting them out, forcing a change, JUST LIKE THE LEFT HAS DONE. Using EXACTLY their own tactics. This is why they are attempting to shut us up, close bars, small businesses and pubs. Those are the places we meet, talk and plan.

    It’s time to fight back. I’m not calling for violence, but I am calling for people to focus on ONE GOAL, removal of EVERY POLITICIAN, and replace them with YOURSELVES.

    Yes, you. Each of you is a better person than any living politician right now. No, don’t tell me how your Senator is a good man or woman. They are not. REMOVE THEM. We must start somewhere and clean sweep is the way to do it.

    I’m too old to go out and fight any more, but I will if necessary, when that time comes. I won’t sit by and watch MY AMERICA I defended for almost my entire life, be run into a Communist controlled nation.

    Time to take it back.

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